The Many Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

20120522-3076I remember when I was a kid, there was basically a kind of vacuum. He was standing bag, noisy as hell and you live with it, even if you do not like it. I know I do not know, especially when I’m watching TV, and the only thing I could hear the engine roar. Now, the vacuum cleaner is not really much quieter, but certainly there are more models to choose from, the most common of which are discussed in this article.

Vertical traditional and yet, sack believe it or not, the most popular. Do not ask why. They are large, difficult to move and change pocket pain. Of course, again, not only the values support this time. Today we can have a traditional bag has the right but also the position without a bag. Dust build-up in the form of magazines can then be emptied. The thing I do not want them to do dust flying in all directions when emptied. So please street. Then there is filtering trapping dust filter therefore less vertically to empty. This is known as the design of “clean air”. That’s what we have today, because of my allergies. I think that helps. We came up with what they call a HEPA filter. This should really draw the air of allergens. I feel better forever, so I guess it did its job. Supposedly straight, clean air, the intake manifold design to get better. I put my hand on the test of that hole, and it really does not look much better than we have previously empty. So who knows?

So you have two of your engine. I never understood why the two engines that are supposed to be better than one, but according to my research, the second motor is actually in the nozzle which is supposedly units with more power and thus ensure a better extraction.images (1) I guess the question I have to, if the engine is not good enough, then the job done, why create vacuum cleaner for an engine, and if it’s good enough, then what is the point, a second motor? They say the biggest advantage is to clean the carpet. With a roller brush engine slow to clean the carpet, but continue with a second motor brush rolls into its normal rhythm. I think it’s faster to clean the carpet, but I do not see how it would make a better cleaning. Sometimes they do not progress.

So you have your vacuum cleaner tube. They are the ones you. That sort of thing square rolling on the floor, then you have the hose around the house It also comes in style without bag and filter. We had one with a HEPA filter also. My wife had a strange emptiness.

Then of course you have your own hand vacuum breaker as dust increasingly popular. I could never understand how she has the strength of these things. Very weak handhelds, usually about 8-12 inches long. We still have our dust buster, but we do not really use more. Although they are. Ideal for cleaning small spaces such as chairs and sofas But do not expect to suck up the mountain soot from the ground. You can not do everything.

So you have a vacuum wet / sec to bring their public services that are primarily for wet soils. I’ve never seen one of them personally, but I heard that everyone should have one. I do not know. I poured water in a year (because I drink), so I thought I could live in this situation, no one.

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