Securing Castle

castle-inspired-homeToday’s world, we are no longer a gap, a bridge or a wall 30 meters high used as a safety device. However, if we know the right method and apparatus for use, we can achieve better security than the supplied device.

Our first line of defense is that we are our environment. Your environment may be urban, suburban or perhaps a residential building or a gated and guarded community. Each of these areas has its own challenges, but all share a common factor, there are other people living nearby. If you and your neighbors are familiar with each other, that alone is a defense against intruders. Their degree of interaction can vary from complete avoidance to actively participate in programs such as National Night Out or Neighborhood Watch.

The more you and your neighbors interact, the safer and more secure environment.environment-1-612x336

Do It Yourself Security Household Survey

Let’s start with the things that are really easy to check. Your locks rekeyed have when you move? You know how many keys fit your doors, and who has them? If your answer is not one of those questions, you should contact us for a discussion on the control button and / or control systems.

Next is your front garden, hall, corridor or in the apartment. If you have a front yard when you walk through the front door, looking in the region, there is excessive bushes hiding the entry or safe haven to anyone? It is a job of your porch light? This very easy project for you to clearly see someone on the porch at night? You can adequately observe the porch area from inside your home, with the door closed with a peephole? If you do not have a clear view of these areas, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. A new modern door viewer may be sufficient, or perhaps may need a doorbell video door system or even CCTV.

$_35Since we are now at the front door, we ensure that it can be fixed. Wanted a bolt lock that door and all exterior doors? If you have a lock when the project screw 1 “at the door when thrown? Mount is firmly at the door? They are constructed of solid or stamped metal? You should also jamb, and the strike that receives the check pin. It must ensure the structure screws at least 3 inches, which extends to the design of the door frame. If you have a “double cylinder” Riegel glass in the door, or if there is glass beside the door, you have to. It is one that requires a side key both of execution. Be aware that there are fire safety issues with double locking screw cylinder when you are at home, you should have a locked door and left the key in the cylinder. There is available locks, the “trap “the key cylinder, the key This can be through the manipulation of the outer cylinder so that you remove the key when you are not at home, be removed. Consult. For us availability may the life safety codes are limited with locks double cylinders by local building codes or. If you do not have it or not “double” cylinder deadbolts want, you should consider replacing or dissolved if the pot is around the tempered glass door. And finally, what is the door of the state itself is the development of sound material, the hinges are safe, drag or compulsory? If the door is not in good condition until the security key, and the most expensive is not very useful.

Then you need to check all exterior doors, they need to be as secure as the front door. If you have a garage, with special attention to the door. In the house If a thief breaks into your garage, they are hidden and safe area in which to work, and can even use your tools to attack this port. Keep your tools in prison is probably not a bad idea.

We have to check the security doors and windows. If you need to open windows for ventilation, make sure the opening, born again small enough to keep the “bad” should be kept out, and be prevented from opening. Often, the window locks should not be complicated, varnishes or metal pin, if used properly, can do what is necessary. Patio doors are another weak point, installed will depend not only on the key. The arrested brooms or other devices placed in the song, is a good insurance policy. But make sure they are not removed or replaced using a line outside.

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