Reference Contractor

design2-940x350“As an entrepreneur with 16 years experience and I speak for the professional contractor. I want the warning signs deliberately they will face the wrong contractor.”

Not every contractor is out to get you. Most are honest, respectable businessmen, eager to do the quality of work, with good materials at a reasonable price. In fact, many of these entrepreneurs are members of associations such as the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) or BBB (Better Business Bureau).

In the last three years, I have a question related to the entrepreneur / owner. I have many stories that the owners feel heard by home improvement service providers. Although we nightmare stories to store your own formula in selecting contractors on. On the other hand, I have heard several entrepreneurs about how they were lower by competition and felt used by the owner. But, nevertheless, continue to struggle.

While Mr. and Mrs. Jones wondered when there newly hired contractor would return, they will be able to use the kitchen for nothing other than the storage of neglect. Jones believes that the contractor they hired to completely renew its superior cuisine as it was highly recommended by a friend. They do not know that the license had expired safely, and has a criminal history. They assume that he has a good reputation, and could not verify their credentials. Jones then waited entrepreneurs keep their money and let it destroy their own kitchen.

How many times we make mistakes like this and find someone to blame?

imagesAfter three years of research, it was shown that the well-known term “entrepreneur” and “nightmare” do not always go together. As we continue to protect our safe houses, we can use some tools and resources for success screening contractors as we welcome in our home. Normally, we teach our children not to open the door to strangers, that the same rule should enter into force on interviews with entrepreneurs.

During my research, I have a licensed and bonded as a general contractor. I also participate in a referral service online entrepreneur. This online service is in Colorado and promised Enter real estate in Washington State; pre-qualified, pre-qualified and authorized craftsmen services on request. As an entrepreneur, I was up to 20 work one day leads sent by e-mail, for the work that I have no experience. I received several calls and services sold by agreement for most owners. At first I was very successful until my company started to grow. Before I knew it, I had an office in Mill Creek, office staff and employees 12-15. I thought about it, the development and expansion of the new division in my business, but my mistake immediately revealed. I get a call from a customer complaining about the help, I put in the work and progress. My client continued to tell me that my employees take two hours for lunch and take 5-10 minute breaks during the day. Then, another customer called with the same attention. The second project was completed at the end as I began to focus on helping weeding spoiled. During this process, I lost control of the remaining projects. When I got to shoot and disciplining other staff at least three calls a day from angry customers. I felt there was no way. I finished the last of the project itself and with the help of my last employee.

While my license has expired and I want assured, however, I’m still the same tag led work 20 Contractor reference. This contractor referral service contractors promised screen and deliver them to “fear” already public, it is my business and I know others relate are of the same caliber, licensed or not, it is safe or not.

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