How to Install Wood Floor Planks

How-To-Install-Hardwood-Floor-Planks-You wonder if you are installing a wood floorboards yourself? If you have knowledge and skills of carpentry tools, the answer is yes! Wood floor installation are made easier than ever, ready to install wooden floors.

First things first: Let’s review the list of tools and materials that you need. There are several methods that can be used to wooden floors can be installed, each of which requires a special tool. First, we are common tools you need to discuss, regardless of the technology used.

the hammer

Finish nails

the drill


Center Punch

the band saw or jigsaw with the circular cutting

The table saw or chop Saw

o-style combination blade


the broom

the tapping block

The last board of the handle

There are three ways to make wooden planks in the underground. You can use parentheses, glue or nails. If you want to use the main method, you need to rent or buy a pneumatic stapler, air hose and compressor and the appropriate size for the subject you plan to install wooden floors.

If you decide to attach a wooden floor, you need some kind of suitable for applications, adhesives and buy the V-notch and tape. For method of preaching, it is recommended that you use some sort of nail gun in order to speed things up. Specific adhesive and nails or staple sizes to be clarified by the manufacturer.

download (8)Keller project and site preparation

During the preparation of the subsurface materials may vary, the basic idea is to ensure that the underlying area is healthy and well. Now some information on the particular material Basement:

the concrete must be flat and smooth with a polyethylene film 6 miles between the ground and a concrete pillar. Be sure to test the humidity with a hygrometer. Do not use any kind of sealant on the concrete.

Plywood create a cellar suitable, provided that at least 5/8 “thick tongue and groove area, the exterior plywood that is screwed or nailed every six inches along the seam, and the carrier This field will do just fine.

Tiled If all components are present, clean to remove any wax deposits. If there are many freestanding panels, construction of the underlying plywood or other substances that act directly on the tiles.

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