Help Color: Choose The Color Combinations

marvelous-purple-color-combination-for-great-home-tips-psychology-of-color-in-interior-designChoosing a color scheme can be a stressful activity. For example, I’m sorry for the color to paint the outside of a Victorian house, I asked all the books on painting old houses that I could find, and I think they all contradict each other based on “rules”.

Finally, the color palette came to me. I’ll paint the house with my favorite color! I like yellow and red, while gold is badly burned and red, green with temples, dark green shutter, yellow, black, white and black box.

Green temple to the porch roof, is supposed to drive away evil spirits, and is the faith of the historical tradition of the South. Even our local museum of historical art has an electrical junction box painted that color. Contour and after the black sheep (wood splitter window) is highlighted and depth of ancient glass in the window. An overview of the types of colors as eyeliner – Makeup extensions. Flat front edge of the window frame trim in color of the painted trim.

Balconies of traditional southern painted gray, but I want to feel the earth therefore painted dark green our homepage. This color anchor Stock patio with green grass, and during the summer days, the dark green cooling. If the grass is brown in winter, the green balcony of the promise of spring green and easier for our gray days. Dark green with a black pigment in delivering a richer look than mixed green common.

Harmony color combinationHome-Colour-Design-Ideas-2015

Monochrome color scheme, with different nuances, shades and hues of the same color, giving the impression of different colors and provide variety and interest. A single color together to provide a unified response, peace and harmony. Monochromatic color to establish a calming presence to effectively join things, but it can be tedious or boring because of the lack of contrasting colors and liveliness.

The analog or side-by-side, color scheme adds depth, energy and visual appeal. With two or three colors next to each other on the color wheel is on, a flexible combination of analog and attention. Relations related colors brings harmony to the arrangement. One problem with this type of color scheme is that it adds a fourth color accidentally spoiled the effect. Analog combination of yellow, red and orange, but is full of life, continue to heat the room while blue, turquoise and green always visually cool the room.

On the other side free of contrasting color combinations, or from the opposite side of the color spectrum. The warm color, combined with fresh colors, creating interesting combinations, such as yellow and purple, red and green or blue and orange. They are also visually appealing to most people. Because the two colors contain all three primary colors, the color palette is complete and balanced.

There are a lot of literature on the color scheme dedicated, but if you’re like me, the more you read, the more you are confused. In the end, sometimes it’s better to just do it, like I did with my beloved Victorian home, and start its deliberations at the thought of the color that you like personally.

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