Conversions Bath-A-Shower

traditional-bathroomConvert the tub for a bath is more and more popular. For many people it is much easier to get in and out of the shower in the bathtub. Bath also gives the opportunity to have a seat in the bathtub. Many people find sitting for bathing safer, more comfortable and more convenient.

What in the development of the bath shower or involved? First, you are a licensed general contractor, who know what they’re doing and who need a lot of experience! Here are some other elements that need to be considered:

This project requires a plan and a license. This project will excavations (to convert more concrete foundation), plumbing, framing, concrete, thermal pug, insulation, drywall, lath and cement plaster, tiles, electricity and painting.

Bathroom and a tub / shower has a “channel. Rain requires 2” 1-1 / 2 channels to handle the excess water. “Must be bathtub drain removed and replaced by 2” Therefore, the overall length of 1-1 / 2 drainage. It also needs to be repositioned. Bad drains located in front of the pool. Directs the water in the middle. Attempts to do so depends mainly on three factors: (a) the floor – concrete skeleton or wood (b) a distance of 2 “leak to travel and connect to another 2” or 3 “drainage (c) already connect number and type fittings this point and the number of twists and turns to him.

Tile or a piece fiberglass shower? Always go with a full bathroom tiles. Fiberglass units usually have a warranty of 1 year or less leak (a small leak to remain normally for years unnoticed – until the damage is important and expensive … think of mold and dry rot) shortly after and less secure , sustainable, most do not have a seat and people did what they were designed for someone 5 years or less! Tiles are also much safer and the likelihood of slip and fall injuries significantly reduce (assuming you have the right to use tiles!)

downloadFor ceiling 8m high and less, tile ceiling. Also make sure the outside tiles in the bathroom. Carpet is the worst, and the vinyl is in second place. This favors hazardous and noxious mold, fungi, bacteria and rot. Using tiles as bases. Never use wood or MDF type outside the wet edge. Be sure at least two drawers 16 “High-shampoo (I call” Costco size “), which can be achieved by sitting or standing belong. Do not forget the soap!

Make plumber installing a shower in the 6 ‘6 “minimum. The standard shower time to put the shower head in the chest! Not very useful to wash something about it. It is best to install removable shower head adjustable rod. It allows you to hop on and off the shower head at different heights to sit down and to wash, shave your legs is much more comfortable, and clean the walls of the bathroom with ease. There are 60 “and 72” pipe. Make sure to choose the right size. It should be a comfortable distance, where the headquarters are located, and allows easy positioning of the washing of the body while sitting be.

Install a residual current circuit breaker special LED lights protected by the shower. They love the direct light it provides, especially if you shave your legs, and when his vision begins to fade.

Install super quiet extractor movement of at least 110 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air. Allow direct access into the attic! You do, and you’re happy and in some termite termites costly damage and mold to your home. You must evacuate immediately before. Use only fans with 4 LED “to a minimum. You should also use a moisture sensor and fan control.

Use tempered glass enclosures. The clear glass makes the room looks good and allows you to enjoy your beautiful new bathroom. Always use a minimum of 5/16 “thick glass in anger – the best and safest is 3/8” tempered glass. Do not use 3/16 “or 1/4” glass – is not strong enough and can easily destroy. Always make extra and have used mounted on the side of the glass bath, a glass sealing factory. The glass is very porous. That’s why I can not stay out of the window or the old one clean glass cage. That’s “porous” a microscopic crater glass lime, calcium, soap, shampoo, dirt, etc. enter. Once inside, you can not get a clean glass and look with discolored and dark.

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