Common Types of Anchor Bolts Used In House Bolting

images (4)We have studied seismic activity has an impact on the building and how to minimize the impact of earthquakes over the years.

Earthquakes can push to buildings, move off the track and overturned. They may also buckle the defective wall, so that the collapse.

The house is also known as base screws screws, dowels or retrofitting. Screwing House goal is to make the system safer and to prevent damage during an earthquake. Bolts reinforce the wooden structure, which is firmly connected to the foundation. Both types of screws used in the home, is the mounting bolts with bolts and screws Epoxy Foundation expansion.

If you live in an old house, grounding bolt epoxy set will be your best choice. Old houses are concrete weak to have a rule. Bolt epoxy greater than the extent of the anchor bolts, that is, should be included concrete. Performance-screw insertion improving deeper.

Bolt epoxy is also a good choice, the place where the seismic movement can lift the structure. Due to the long and thick, the possibility to withdraw from the wooden frame Concrete foundation is reduced.

images (3)Expansion Screws Foundation is best done with a concrete foundation, which is in good condition, such as concrete used in a new house or a new base in an old house. This is because the screws requires “strong cement” effect. Screws may be used provided that they do not break the concrete.

Anchors should be installed with a dishwasher square. Washer makes the connection stronger and safer for the Foundation. Before Dishwasher square came into use, the mounting screws, washers rounds. However, washing machine in turn has a sufficient holding force.

Sometimes this type of anchor may be required, depending on whether the house has cripple walls. The house can also be a combination of errors walls and places where the bottom of the base.

To find out if you need a home run out of the crawl space of your home. Crawl is the area between the foundation and the first floor. Search the kick plate, which is a plate located on the cornerstone. Most, but not all of the strips are made of wood. Brackets horizontally on vertical wall.

Check the countertop to the head of the screw. In most cases, they appear every four to six feet.

Many houses are built during and after 1930 some sort of household screws (Los Angeles and other cities in earthquake in particular). Check the screws, that there is a weak or too far away set to provide the necessary assistance in the earthquake.

Each work will be done, need to strengthen the structure of your home complies with applicable norms. A specialist company or foundation repair foundation should be consulted to determine whether to replace the existing bolts, and to the extent that all new screws required.

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