5 Popular Bed Styles

Whether you are moving to a new home or updating your bedroom furniture, your first decision is the style you would like. Before you shop around to find local home furniture for sale, you might want to know some of your options. Here are 5 popular bed styles to consider.

Panel Beds


This is the basic style of bed with a headboard and side rails. The headboard is usually tall with panels, but may be upholstered or carved. The footboard is optional with this style and a matter of personal choice.

Canopy Beds


These beds have four bedposts going up from each corner. The posts have connecting crossbeams that may be left bare or have fabric draped across them. They look best in bedrooms with high ceilings but can work in others as well.

Four-Poster Beds


Like canopy beds, these have four posts but no crossbeams. Sometimes that have a large panel on top and most of these beds are ornately decorated. They are usually made of wood with a rich look.

Sleigh Beds


These beds are fashioned to look like a sleigh with distinctly curved headboards and footboards. Typically, they are made of dark wood and the elegant curves are not overpowering in a small bedroom.

Platform Beds

These beds have a platform that the mattress rests on, so there is no need of box springs. These work best with modern or contemporary decor and are perfect for memory foam mattresses.

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